Saturday, March 11, 2006


March 10, 2006..Disneytoon Farewell Party..It was a fun night and also a very emotional one..I've known this guys for almost 14 years and i guess its time to go on our separate ways but I know that we all going to see each other again in the future. Some friends are going back to their own countries , some will establish their own business, some will be working for themselves and some would probably do the same job but no matter what, they are still with me wherever they go..I will miss everybody for sure but make sure we will keep in contact..Cheers!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just another BIG night with the boys and the girls!

March 4, 2006.We decided not to go to the Mardi Gras Parade. So we had a BBQ and after we got so full and pissed ,we headed down to Manly's Ivanhoe, Shark Bar and the Steyne..We all got more pissed and I got lucky! Dont get me wrong, girls from Manly are just naturally and extremely me......he he he

Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Capoeira fotos

Capoeira Festival Starts!!

More Capoeira ! More Parties!!!

Spencer..One of the few good men..

Please give me a little time to tell you something about this man. Spencer is one of the guys I met when I attended the wedding of my two good friends Erin and Andrew. He provided the guests with his unmatched musical talent .One of the well known musicians in New York. The wedding was great! Its a beach wedding too, so we all had the chance to enjoy the sand, sun and the Ocean. Earlier that day, Spencer and I decided to hit the surf along with the other guys. He was keen to learn to surf, so i gave him a few tips and there he goes! Few more days and he'll be saying "Surf's up Dude!". Anyway, after his turn, he passed the board to another friend.When I was teaching this guy I didnt notice that we were on a rip until i let go of him along with my board, so I was left on a rip floating and could'nt go anywhere. The guy on my board got swept away but he was ok he was on my board. I was signalling him to paddle towards me and pick me up before i get swept away. He was trying but probably he had a hard time as well. I tried swimming towards the side but it did'nt work. a bit rough that day..I was not in a panic stage because the water is only neck deep.I gave signal to the people on the beach to grab a board and pick me up. It seems nobody understood me until Spencer came to the rescue. Without hesitations, he ran up to me in his Speedos and NO BOARD. I said to myself " Oh no we both gonna get stuck here on the rip".One meter close to me , he gave me his hand, I grabbed it and tried not pull him and let him pull me instead so we wont get into trouble but in a brief moment, we both had the same facial expression" Oh uh!" but we made it.
I would say, Spencer was my hero that day. He knows that I was not drowning but without his helping hand, I would have been floating and starving now somewhere in Fiji. Spencer must have learned surfing that day but me, myself have learned something more valuable,that somewhere out there, there is still a few good men like Spencer, who didnt hesitate to put himself in danger to save someone he hardly knows.That shows that this man is not only gifted with a remarkable musical talent but has a pure heavenly SOUL...
Thank you very much...

Erin and Andrew Beach Wedding!!!

February 25, 2006 .The Big day for my friends Andrew and Erin. It was a great summer day with family and friends around and not to mention the blue bottles everywhere on the beach.It was a nice ceremony followed by a few drinks at the beach house and then we all went to the reception for more drinks, food and music. It is so nice to see them again after a few years away from us here in manly and when they came back they got married..
In behalf of all your friends around the world,