Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brazilians really know how to party!!

We got invited in a big Brazilian party somewhere is Vaucluse , complete with bouncers barmen and chefs. Also, a big brazilian live band and including my Capoeira friends who performed that evening!! check out the fotos!!! feb18 06

Gaelle's Big Fat Greek Birthday Dinner!

Our dear friend Gaelle from Belgium just had her 16th Birthday last February 15. A lot of friends from Disney were there.We had a sumptuous and fantastic Greek meal. We wish Gaelle all the BEST!! We all got pissed ! at least I picked up a beautiful girl ,her name is Marca, a little hairy but she is fine!! ha ha ha grrrrrrmeaowwww!

Lienke's Birthday BBQ!

Surfista just turned 21? Lienke our Capoeira and surfing friend just had her Birthday on February 18, 2006! it was a fun nite with some Reggae and Salsa music! Of course we all got drunk! She had fun especially that her big bro Gerben was here too!! Few more years and you'll be joining our "YOUNG ONCE CLUB" He! he! he!

Manuela heading back to Brazil

The time has come for our dear friend Manuela to go back to her homeland Brazil! She spent 6 full of fun months here is Sydney and mainly in Manly.We will miss Manu for sure but we'll catch up with her very soon...see you in Brazil Manu!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

A week of fun with good friends from around the globe!

I had so much fun with these guys from the States who are also keen rock climbers...Jen and Kristin are such wonderful friends who decided to stopped by and stayed with me for a week.Mara a German actress from Cologne is also staying with me(sitting in front of me)who is also a very good surfer.she is kinda famous here and abroad.We surfed together and played with my essboard(a 2 wheeler skateboard). I also introduced them to Capoeira,that they are now willing to train back in the States..What a week that was!!.They'll be heading north up to Queensland then to Asia.I'm hoping to see them again in the near future.Big kisses...

Northshore Scenic Flight

What a flight! Just a few fotos taken during our flight, piloted by Captain Haydn who also works for Qantas.With friends from Brazil Manuela,Nina,Aussies Allison and Jeff to name a few..Manly Beach from the Air..

Southcoast Roadtrip

These are fotos taken during our Southcoast roadtrip with my beloved Disney Friends.left to right:Me(Filpino),Christine(French),TJ(Polish),Gaelle(Belgian),Farouk(French),Hiromi(Japanese),Noel(Aussie),Fedrico(Italian),Carine(Hungarian) and the dirty Belgian Marc also Murray,Paul and Tristan(not in foto but they were with us). from December 27,2005-January 2,2006..

Manly Beach Satelite Foto

This is where I live.Manly Beach, Sydney Australia!

Slam Beach Volleyball by Vodafone!

This is a photo of my team for the Vodafone Slam Beach volleyball Competition held last December 2005..We didnt win the contest but I received the especial award for the best costume!Thanks for the support of my teammates Haydn, Mara,Brad,Thorsten and Brendan and my flatmate Peter(not in foto).

Capoeira! Capoeira! Capoeira!

Capoeira Brasil is one of the best things that ever entered my life.It keeps me in shape.It's so much fun! You get to train with good friends that support and encourage you to become a better Capoerista..try it and for sure you'll get addicted...Check out or

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