Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cortina Italy

Top of the world!!
We are family....
MY first snowman with Carlotta.this snowman resembles her Dad Signore Roberto
Mum i bought a new car!!
the very first snow on my head..

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tunisia North africa

North Africa..Tunisia..what a place to be..very hot and Arabic. I went there
for the Baptism of my good friends' son and apparently became
the Godfather of both the child and the child's Godmother.hmm?
you'll work it out. he he he.

Rome - Florence - Venice - Cinque Terre - Amalfi

Hi Guys! these are just a few selected fotos from thousands i have
shot. I will add more later on..I strongly suggest. Start travelling!!

Rome - Florence - Venice - Cinque Terre - Amalfi

Barcelona Spain

Paris - Nice


Manila - Europe Tour 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Captain! oh Captain!

Ahoy!!! Land!!!
got invited to a Pirate Party and everyone had a great time dressing up and there were a few fun games too. I guessed I'm the youngest Pirate there?
Happy 9th Birthday Matey Ethan!!ooops Captain Jack Sparrow rather..he he har dee har har

Gold Coast Friends

I made a few friends here in the Gold Coast..they were fun but sometime too much drinks or carrots could blow your mind he he he.

Gold Coast Trip - John Cox Creature Workshop

Wow! Amazing place to work!
I had a fantastic time here on the Gold Coast. Rubbing shoulders with Oscar winners
like John Cox and Richard Taylor.Well, if you dont know them, do some research ha ha ha.